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Jonathan Attwood, CEO
Jonathan is Chief Executive Officer of Zamzee. He’s the leader of the pack. Before Zamzee, Jonathan was CEO and founder of the UK-based start-ups SwapitShop and Webswappers, and he’s worked in a variety of business consulting roles.

Lance Henderson, COO
Lance is Chief Operating Officer of Zamzee. He’s the guy that gets things done. Before Zamzee, Lance was Vice President of Program and Impact at the Skoll Foundation and Executive Director at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Zed, CMO
Zed is Chief Movement Officer of Zamzee. He was brought onto the Zamzee team because of his expertise in whooshing, dashing, and zipping around. Zed’s the young gun at the office. He’s laid back but full of energy. We like him – a lot. And he’s so good-looking, we use his face on just about everything.

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