Zamzee Product Manager – Device

Zamzee, a Peninsula start-up funded by HopeLab, is seeking a genius Product Manager to take a new teen-focused consumer device to market and more.

What is Zamzee?
Zamzee is an online rewards program for teens that’s powered by physical activity. You wear the Zamzee activity meter, and it records how much you’re moving around.  Your activity powers your online experience, turning movement into currency you can spend online in the Zamzee store. The more you go, the more you get.

It’s fun, it’s social and it actually works.  Research shows Zamzee increases physical activity in teens by as much as 30% – that’s nearly equal to running an extra marathon a month.  Our aim is to ignite a lifetime of activity in young people.

The Device
Zamzee is a physical activity meter that teens carry with them all day.  It measures their activity and stores it until connected (via USB) to a computer, at which point the data is uploaded to the teen’s account. The teen can then view their activity data in various ways on a fun and engaging web site.

Electrically, the device consists of a three-axis accelerometer for measuring activity, a microcontroller with serial flash storage, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, LED indicators, and a USB for data transfer and charging.  It is a very low-power device that can run for a couple of weeks on a tiny battery.

Mechanically, the device consists of a USB slider mechanism, a clip for attaching it to your clothing, and a waterproof core which contains all of the electronics.

The Job
So far, the Zamzee meter has been developed to a pre-production prototype stage.  We are now looking for someone who can take the device from trial to scale.  This includes:

  • finding and negotiating a commercial arrangement with a reputable volume manufacturer that has all the appropriate production and manufacturing processes in place
  • ensuring the contract manufacturer has systems in place to test and troubleshoot the devices (hardware, software, firmware, and all other components) and to identify and remedy issues
  • pulling together everything that needs to go in the box and build the package to ship it all in
  • getting devices off the assembly line, to warehouses and ready to put “on the shelves”
  • handling all compliance and import requirements to keep the government happy
  • working with the team to understand teen feedback on Zamzee; if we find out they want an even cooler device, figure out how we can build it!
  • growing manufacturing capacity from hundreds to tens of thousands per month to support our growth plan
  • getting our costs down as low as possible so we can remain competitive
  • working with marketing team to develop and execute the business case for extensions to product lines such as accessories to customize it
  • last but not least, helping us live within our means and stay on schedule!

Our Offer

  • Be a part of a fun and exciting team – and be in at the beginning
  • Get paid to help change the world in a fun way
  • Competitive salary and excellent benefits

The ideal candidate…

  • is excited to work in the inferno of a startup environment
  • has a genuine interest in the Zamzee mission and product
  • has held a product manager, manufacturing engineer or similar role – particularly with consumer electronics (components, plastics, electronics, firmware/software, etc.) and with products marketed to tweens and teens
  • has experience with the successful introduction of  comparable consumer electronics products
  • has experience with purchasing and/or vendor selection, supply-chain management, and offshore manufacturing (particularly in Asia) and evaluation
  • has exceptional project management and vendor management skills and is able to produce great work in short timeframes and within budget
  • works collaboratively and is willing  to roll up his/her sleeves and contribute broadly to the overall success of the organization
  • has strong consultative, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • is an excellent communicator
  • likes tea!

Please send your resume to Chris Murchison at In your cover letter, be sure to tell us why you believe this job and Zamzee are a good match for your background and interests and how you can help us change the world.

Zamzee is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, national origin, marital status, ancestry, sexual orientation or disability. All inquiries are held in strict confidence.